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Our Services - it's all about you

Our services are specifically aimed towards the Further Education Sector.

As experienced advisers we know that the challenges faced by each and every client are unique.  Many have similar themes, however, we understand that it is about finding solutions to your specific issues that are important in a sector that is constantly evolving.

All of our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We are confident that the services we provide offer you real solutions to your individual issues.  We do this through our detailed understanding of the sector and how changes in the funding and regulatory regime impact on delivery.  This ensures the highest quality of professional service individually tailored to meet the needs of all clients.

There may be some advice that you think you might need, you may be unsure what factors are impacting on your ability to successfully deliver, or you may want a mixture of elements from a number of our services.  We can create bespoke packages to meet your needs and would assess your requirements in order to fully scope out issues and work with you to resolve and implement identified solutions.

Further details of our service offering are included below:


Strategic Advice and Guidance

At Icca Education Training and Skills, we pride ourselves in offering our clients Strategic Advice and Guidance to inform decision making, enabling them to move their organisations forward at this time of uncertainty and change. 

We are experienced in presenting college specific and sector generic information to Governing Bodies and our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

If you are looking for strategic advice and guidance please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.


Curriculum Planning

Building on our expertise in providing innovative curriculum review and planning support, developed over many years working both with and within the Sector, Icca Education Training and Skills can work with you to ensure that your curriculum plan addresses the challenges faced by the FE Sector.  Specifically we can provide the following:

Curriculum Planning Support

End to end assistance in supporting the College curriculum planning process from review of the current offer through to identification of resource required to deliver the curriculum.  Supported by experienced practitioners and undertaken in the light of current priorities, we offer advice and guidance on curriculum set-up, requirements for increased efficiency, innovative delivery methodologies, the need to refresh the curriculum, best practice in the sector and proposed changed to the funding methodology.

Common Unit Analysis and Review of Delivery Methodologies

An in depth look at commonality which exists within the LR and ER curriculum delivered by the College with detailed discussion and action planning at Teaching Department level to adopt different delivery methodologies and take advantage of these.

Fit for the Future Review of Curriculum

A review of the College's curriculum or curriculum plan as required identifying areas for improvement in the light of the drive for increased efficiency, current priorities, guidance on curriculum set-up and proposed changes to the funding methodology.

Detailed Teacher Department Review

A detailed hands-on, in-depth review of the College’s Teaching Departments, reporting by Department.  This involves detailed discussion with Department Heads, identifies the efficiency and effectiveness of the curriculum at the granular level and comes up with proposals to improve performance.

Our services can be tailored to meet any need. Please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.


Funding Audit and Assurance

The time of year has arrived yet again when colleges and training providers are being selected for a funding audit and in response to this we have designed a review that will allow you to establish whether you comply with the funding requirements and provide you with a detailed action plan to address any weaknesses identified before the Skills Funding Agency Auditors arrive. 

We will look to upskill College staff so that they understand what the auditors are looking for and support them to understand how you are able to resolve many common errors that have given rise to an ILR adjustment in previous years before they occur.  Many audit failures have come as a result of poor preparation and not poor record keeping!

As part of the review we will:

  • Share with the College the audit programmes developed by the Skills Funding Agency ("SFA");
  • Review, on a sample basis and in partnership with the College, the data contained on the ILR return to the underlying paperwork and compliance with SFA published guidance;
  • Review, on a sample basis, the underlying paperwork to the data contained on the ILR return and compliance with SFA published guidance;
  • Review the robustness of the data by reference to the DSAT’s and support the College in understanding what needs to be done to clear any errors noted; and,
  • Develop an action plan to address any points of concern as a result of the pre-audit health check.

We will work and support you in understanding what needs to be done to clear any errors noted and develop an action plan to address any points of concern as a result of the pre-audit health check. 

If you are expecting an audit or simply want to test whether you are able to deliver what is needed, we are here to help. Please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.


Management Information Services (MIS)

Managed Service – Colleges

Although colleges will have a team in place to manage their Management Information Services ("MIS"), there are times when support is needed, for example, to cover a gap in recruitment or period of absence and that is where our team can help.  We can deploy a member of our experienced MIS team into your management structure to bridge that gap.  We would normally expect this to be at Director or Manager level, but we can also provide operational support and are always happy to discuss any potential support you may require.

Managed Service – Private Training Providers   

For private training providers, the complex and demanding nature of funding and data is a very time consuming but vital inconvenience.  Icca Education Training and Skills can remove or alleviate that burden in a variety of ways. This could be from a valuing and profiling service, where we plan your recruitment profile for the year and then analyse and adjust the plan on a monthly basis freeing you up to focus on developing the business, to a full blown managed service in which we manage the full data and batch upload process. 

MIS Support

This is a ‘solutions’ service designed specifically to cater for your immediate needs.   Our team has a wide range of experience in all aspects of MIS and has supported many organisations in a number of different ways.  Some examples are Business process reviews including: Staffing, System and Data Process reviews, DSATs review and ILR production and error clearing support.   Explain your issues to us and we will design a bespoke service for you.

Systems Selection

Choosing a replacement MI System is a complex and time demanding process.  If you are thinking of changing your MI system give us a call to talk you through the process.  We always suggest that someone is appointed to lead the procurement process.  Asking someone to do this as part of their ‘day job’ is always a risk.

Please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.



We have reached the time of year when budgets are being finalised.  We all accept that colleges have a need to do more with less and are constantly looking for ways to make things go further – quite often this is done with limited information and little comparative data upon which to base some significant decisions.

Benchmarking can help provide you with information you need to make these decisions and, as the largest provider of benchmarking services to the FE sector, we have the most comprehensive benchmarking database. 

Our services are modular – you can pick and mix from the options available so that you only get what you want and no more.  The modules available are:

  • Staff Utilisation;
  • Curriculum Efficiency;
  • Support Costs;
  • Employer Responsive Provision; and,
  • Impact of the New Funding Methodology.

We believe in providing named comparators wherever possible – not just those who sit around the median, but the highest performing colleges in the sector – after all how are you expected to interpret the information and make decisions on it if you do not understand where it has come from?

Specifically we can:

  • Help you to identify the support departments that are over spending, by identifying the number of staff FTEs you have, the average salaries you pay and the non-pay costs you have, compared to similar colleges; and,
  • Help you pinpoint the inefficiencies in your lecturer utilisation when compared to the sector.

If you would like to understand how our benchmarking services can help you, please contact us on 0844 800 9870  or ets@icca-ets.com.