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Recruiting International Learners

International learner recruitment is one of the areas of potential additional income for colleges, however it is a high risk area of activity for the following reasons:

  • The UK Border Agency ("UKBA") has implemented a significant number of changes over the last six months regarding the recruitment of Tier 4 students.  The most significant change is the requirement for colleges to apply for and achieve ‘Highly Trusted Status’ ("HTS") after 12 months of holding a sponsor licence.  Failure to meet the HTS requirements will result in your licence being revoked;
  • Colleges must ensure that, as well as having a thorough and robust recruitment policy, they must also have systems and policies in place to monitor students’ performance and attendance whilst studying in the UK; and,
  • In addition, the UKBA has implemented stringent measures which colleges must comply with in order to maintain their HTS status.  This requires colleges to maintain detailed records on:

                  - Visa refusals;

                  - Enrolment rates; and,

                  - Course completion rates. 

Failure to comply with any of these requirements can give rise to your licence being suspended or revoked – without this licence you cannot recruit learners from outside the EEA, thus closing off this income stream.

If you are a College looking to grow in this area it is important that you have systems and processes in place to monitor and track international learners from when you first issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies ("CAS") through to course completion. 

We have a small team of experienced international advisers/auditors all of whom have worked in international learner recruitment and compliance.

They can provide advice and support in reviewing:

  • International learner entry and eligibility criteria;
  • Appropriateness of Fees policy;
  • Learner files to ensure that the evidence on file supports the issue of the CAS;
  • Data management including, but without exception, refusal, enrolment and course completion rates;
  • Academic monitoring in line with UKBA requirements; and,
  • Attendance monitoring in line with UKBA requirements.

Please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.