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Maintaining accurate data which reflects the principles of the funding methodology and Education Funding Agency ("EFA") Skills Funding Agency ("SFA") guidance is a complex business. 

For many of you, the vast majority of learning aims are on the ILR and where you are anticipating falling short of target, preparations are continuing to work with partners/ deliver additional provision to close this gap.

In the last 12 months we have identified more than £2.8m of under claims in areas where the guidance has either been misinterpreted or has been applied in such a way that funding is being under claimed and success rates incorrectly stated.

In response to these problems we have developed a suite of reports that allow us to interrogate and report on the credibility of your ILR data including identifying any funding under claims and data issues that could adversely affect data credibility and success rates.

Where we identify funding errors we will report on these and tell you what you need to do to fix them and as added value we will also make recommendations on any other issues we identify and let you know if we believe that adjustments to the way the data is recorded may lead to further improvements in efficiency, cashflow or success rates.

You can choose the parameters of the review.

The review has no downside as the report is free in circumstances where our testing finds no funding errors - this service can be delivered on a ‘no find no fee’ basis.  Please contact us on0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.