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Management Information Services (MIS)

Managed Service – Colleges

Although colleges will have a team in place to manage their Management Information Services ("MIS"), there are times when support is needed, for example, to cover a gap in recruitment or period of absence and that is where our team can help.  We can deploy a member of our experienced MIS team into your management structure to bridge that gap.  We would normally expect this to be at Director or Manager level, but we can also provide operational support and are always happy to discuss any potential support you may require.

Managed Service – Private Training Providers   

For private training providers, the complex and demanding nature of funding and data is a very time consuming but vital inconvenience.  Icca Education Training and Skills can remove or alleviate that burden in a variety of ways. This could be from a valuing and profiling service, where we plan your recruitment profile for the year and then analyse and adjust the plan on a monthly basis freeing you up to focus on developing the business, to a full blown managed service in which we manage the full data and batch upload process. 

MIS Support

This is a ‘solutions’ service designed specifically to cater for your immediate needs.   Our team has a wide range of experience in all aspects of MIS and has supported many organisations in a number of different ways.  Some examples are Business process reviews including: Staffing, System and Data Process reviews, DSATs review and ILR production and error clearing support.   Explain your issues to us and we will design a bespoke service for you.

Systems Selection

Choosing a replacement MI System is a complex and time demanding process.  If you are thinking of changing your MI system give us a call to talk you through the process.  We always suggest that someone is appointed to lead the procurement process.  Asking someone to do this as part of their ‘day job’ is always a risk.

Please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.