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Internal audit

Icca Education Training and Skills believe in providing high quality solutions to our clients' problems and have designed an internal audit approach that aligns to this philosophy. 

Our internal audit approach focuses on adding value to your College wherever we can - it provides you with the assurances you need alongside the advisory elements you want.  All elements are delivered by specialists who solely work within the Education Sector.

The key characteristics of our Internal Audit approach are: 

  • Director led service supported by a sector experienced management and delivery team;
  • Reviews undertaken by experts in the appropriate areas;
  • A mix of compliance and added value reviews within the internal audit plan; and,
  • An optional annual organisational assessment of your risks, gaps in assurance and performance.

We believe all colleges require the following from their internal audit service in order to maximise the value from the contract:

  • An independent team that combines educational and commercial experience and is able to focus on the real risks and opportunities associated with the development of the college and the sector given the challenges and changes ahead;
  • A team that provides challenge, robust assurance, constructive advice and feedback;
  • A range of specialists who can provide assurance to the Board (Audit Committee) that the College has robust systems and controls in place to ensure it is capable of continuing to provide high quality education in both the short and longer term and to identify areas of possible weakness which may need to be addressed by management; and,
  • A service that surpasses your expectations.

If you would like to discuss our internal audit service in more detail, please contact Scott Winter at ets@icca-ets.com.  If you are due or are proposing to tender your Internal Audit contract, please add us to the list of firms you invite to tender.