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Buying/Selling a Private Training Provider

Buying a Private Training Provider

Many colleges consider the acquisition of a Private Training Provider ("PTP") an effective way of increasing learner numbers and widening or consolidating their offer.

Our PTP search service provides an overview of all providers in respect of apprenticeship funding within the criteria provided by the client college.

Once the providers with the most potential have been identified and contacted anonymously, the final report considers a whole range of criteria important to you making a decision to acquire a PTP. 

Having assisted a number of institutions in their successful acquisition and integration of PTPs, our substantial experience gives you the help needed to navigate through the process. 

Selling a Private Training Provider

Successful disposal of your training business requires the services of a multi-functional team with significant experience, to give you the commercial advice you need to deliver your objectives.  From the initial marketing for sale through vendor due diligence, in partnership with our leading legal and corporate finance partners, negotiating and concluding the transaction, we can provide the complete package of support, pre and post-disposal.

Please contact us on 0844 800 9870 or ets@icca-ets.com.