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We have reached the time of year when budgets are being finalised.  We all accept that colleges have a need to do more with less and are constantly looking for ways to make things go further – quite often this is done with limited information and little comparative data upon which to base some significant decisions.

Benchmarking can help provide you with information you need to make these decisions and, as the largest provider of benchmarking services to the FE sector, we have the most comprehensive benchmarking database. 

Our services are modular – you can pick and mix from the options available so that you only get what you want and no more.  The modules available are:

  • Staff Utilisation;
  • Curriculum Efficiency;
  • Support Costs;
  • Employer Responsive Provision; and,
  • Impact of the New Funding Methodology.

We believe in providing named comparators wherever possible – not just those who sit around the median, but the highest performing colleges in the sector – after all how are you expected to interpret the information and make decisions on it if you do not understand where it has come from?

Specifically we can:

  • Help you to identify the support departments that are over spending, by identifying the number of staff FTEs you have, the average salaries you pay and the non-pay costs you have, compared to similar colleges; and,
  • Help you pinpoint the inefficiencies in your lecturer utilisation when compared to the sector.

If you would like to understand how our benchmarking services can help you, please contact us on 0844 800 9870  or ets@icca-ets.com.