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Maximising your Funding Claim

The College data was telling me that there might be a shortfall in the achievement of our adult allocation.  Having worked with Icca Education Training and Skills over a number of years and on other projects we decided to let them have a look at our funding claim.  This was to support our hard pressed CIS staff who at the time simply had not got the time!  It made perfect sense as the potential cost was a small percentage of whatever was additionally found - and nothing if we were already maximising our funding claim.

Whilst the Icca review found less than 1% of unclaimed funding this was worth £100,000 to the College which was a welcome bonus.

I would recommend the review to any college who needs the reassurance that they are claiming for everything to which they are entitled.  After all - you only pay a proportion of additional funding identified, which you wouldn't be claiming for anyway, and so it's a win-win situation.

Peter Roberts, Principal and Chief Executive, Leeds City College