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Our Achievements

  • We have identified more than £5 million of under claims in college funding claims.  This represented work colleges had done but weren't getting paid for - and were willing to hand back to the Skills Funding Agency!


  • We have saved in excess of £2.5 million in potential audit clawback.  This was money that many colleges were prepared to pay back - but didn't have to in the end!


  • We have trained 441 delegates at our training serminars.  The percentage that graded us as good or better was a staggering 98.5%!


  • We have made actual savings of more than £5.0 million in college expenditure.  We also identified potential savings of £25 million (when you add in the savings identified through our Internal Audit work this climbs to more than £50 million!)


  • We are now the second largest provider of Internal Audit Services to the Further Education Sector


  • We have sourced more than £4.75 million of funded activity for our partner colleges over the last 18 months!


  • We have answere over 100 queries asked throiugh our FREE helpline - all within our 48 hour response time - Why don't you try it: ets@icca-ets.com