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Icca Education Training and Skills Limited – the new name for Tenon Education Training and Skills Limited!

We are pleased to announce that Tenon Education Training and Skills has changed its name to Icca Education Training and Skills on Friday 14 June 2013.

We have written to all our clients and contacts to inform them of the change.

As the leading firm of education advisory services to the further education sector we have become increasingly concerned over the confusion which exists between RSM Tenon and ourselves.  The change of name is the best way to remove that confusion moving forward. 

Scott Winter, Managing Director, commented, “These are exciting times for us.  The name change reflects our direction of travel away from RSM Tenon.  I have no doubt that the new name will make it easier for us to differentiate our services from those provided by RSM Tenon particularly with regard to added value internal audit services”.


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Before 2013 this organization was keep running under the name of Tenon Education, Training And Skills and before that its official organization name USA Matrimonial shadi.com was Tenon Ets Partnerships. It's been nine years from the minute Icca Education Training And Skills Ltd has appeared in this field of business is formally situated at and it is evident they are relentless.