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Tenon Education Training and Skills enters the Internal Audit market

Given the current challenges facing the sector Quality Internal Audit has never been so important to FE colleges.  It is surprising therefore to hear so many complaints about college internal audit providers and the service they provide which seems to have become a tick box exercise with the colleges seeing little or no benefit from the service received.

Tenon ETS is the leading further education advisory firm in the sector and believes in providing solutions to our clients' problems.  With this in mind, we have designed an internal audit approach that not only does the bits you need, but also the bits you want!   

New Webinar Programme launched today!

To complement our innovative and successful Seminar Programme, we are delighted to announce the launch of our comprehensive Webinar Programme.

The Webinar Programme has been designed to deal with current issues and updates as they are announced within the FE Sector.

Guidance on the use of data to support judgements on "outcomes for learners" in learning and skills inspections

Ofsted have recently published a new document entitled ‘Guidance on the use of data to support judgements on ‘outcomes for learners’ in learning and skills inspections’ which looks to provide guidance to colleges on how data should be used as part of the current inspection process.

As a result of the reduced notification period, it is vital that colleges are inspection ready and Ofsted have highlighted the types of evidence it expects colleges to use to support the judgements made in the Self-Assessment Report.

VAT Exemptions for "Shared Services" Arrangements

One of the major obstacles to colleges successfully delivering ‘shared services’ has been overcome, through the introduction of a Cost Sharing Exemption into UK VAT legislation.  The 2012 Finance Bill (which received Royal Assent on 17 July) contained the necessary exemptions to allow colleges to take part in shared services arrangements and exempt the provision of such services (subject to certain conditions) from VAT.

The Green Flag Award

City College Norwich were one of the first colleges to achieve the Green Flag award and our photo shows Vici Cadwallader-Webb presenting the Data Quality Green Flag to Dick Palmer, Chief Executive of the College.

As advised in our previous article below, we are currently working with Government Agencies to support this award with the potential benefit to the participating colleges that there will be a reduced need for audit.  Our work is carried out on a completely confidential basis and the results are only available to the management teams of the college under review.


The Green Flag Award

The Tenon Education Training and Skills Limited Green Flag Award

There have been a number of issues regarding the quality and integrity of ILR data over the past few years, the most prominent of these being the adoption of certain data practices to improve success.

A survey carried out in 2009 identified that the colleges included in the survey were adopting different approaches to the recording of data that ultimately improved success rates and this led to a letter being sent to all college Principals from Geoff Russell regarding the practices identified.  Additionally, four data management principles, now six, were introduced by the Data Service and included in both the letter sent out by Geoff Russell and published in the ILR Specification and the Provider Support Manual.

The findings were no surprise to most of the colleges who were adopting some or all of these practices, but the colleges who presented clean and unadulterated ILR returns were both astonished and furious that the performance of their college was being measured against and compared to colleges that were adopting practices to improve their success rates.

Ensuring you hit your funding targets

Despite a reduction in many funding targets, some colleges and providers are struggling to hit their funding target.  Continuing to miss target will result inevitably in further reductions in future years.

Tenon Education Training and Skills have designed a service to help you ensure you hit your targets. 

Have you ever wondered how colleges improve their efficiency and effectiveness?

Tenon Education Training and Skills Limited were recently commissioned by LSIS to identify the "best" tertiary and general further education colleges in the sector based on certain performance criteria.   As part of the review we met with a number of colleges to ascertain how they improved their efficiency and effectiveness.

The report titled "Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness – A Guide for Colleges and Providers" was produced and summarises our findings.

Dispelling some myths about the Tenon College Forum Success Rates Report!

We have received a number of questions from our clients on the back of the publication of the above report and thought it was time to dispel some of the myths that we believe are circulating on the back of the report.

Funding Full Participation and Study Programmes for Young People

The Education Funding Agency have now released the outcome of the 16-19 Funding Formula consultation, "Funding Full Participation and Study Programmes for Young People".