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Additional Learner Support - it's not too late to act!

In November we provided details of the work we were doing with a number of colleges in relation to supporting their Additional Learner Support claims, in particular around the EFA allocations for high cost learners and the roles of the EFA and Local Authorities moving forward.

Tenon Education Training and Skills - Strengthening our Internal Audit Team

Further to the recent announcement that Tenon Education Training and Skills Limited are entering the Internal Audit Market, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Ashton-Blanksby, as a Senior Manager within our Internal Audit Team.

Mark currently manages a number of Internal Audit clients on behalf of RSM Tenon and will join Tenon Education Training and Skills in March to drive forward our Internal Audit offer to the Sector.

Proposal to bring forward the 2012/13 final ILR return date

BIS recently announced that it wanted to bring forward the return date of the final ILR submission to 27 September with the rationale behind the request being to ensure that the department has earlier access to data about participation and achievement in order to make a stronger case for funding for FE and Skills within a similar timeframe to that for HE and schools. The sector was invited to comment on this proposal and as a result 614 comments were received in the 10 day consultation period.

Ofsted's 2011/12 Annual Report

Ofsted have recently published their annual report for the 2011/12 Academic Year. http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/annualreport1112.

In it they confirm that during the year they inspected more than 320 learning and skills providers, including 70 further education colleges and 128 private training providers and on the basis of these inspections they attempt to answer the question "Is the system fit for purpose?" and state "Having regard for the learner, the core business of high quality teaching and the development of staff are all evident in the best providers, but many have yet to embrace these principles".

24+ Advanced Learning Loans

The Skills Funding Agency have recently released the draft funding rules for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans which are being introduced in 2013/14 in an attempt to ensure that the final rules are both robust and clear to all.

We would encourage you to review the draft funding rules as the Agency are keen to ensure that providers:

Are you ready for a Funding Audit?

Over that last couple of months a significant number of Further Education Colleges have undergone a Funding Audit in advance of submitting the final ILR for 2011/12.

Tenon Education Training and Skills Limited have provided Funding Audit Support to more than 15% of the colleges selected for a funding audit.

Another successful Tenon Education Training and Skills Dinner





The AoC Conference has come to an end and it was great to see so many of our clients and contacts over the 3 days and have an opportunity to talk to them about the challenges faced by Colleges in the Sector over the coming months and years. 

During the Conference we hosted our 5th Annual Tenon Education Training and Skills Further Education Dinner at University College Birmingham.  We entertained more than 100 guests and were treated to a great evening of fine dining and conversation at one of the UK’s premier hotel schools. 

Our Curriculum Team Working with Colleges to Maximise the Benefit and Minimise the Impact of the New Funding Methodology

Now that the shadow funding allocations for 2012/13 have been supplied to colleges by the EFA it is clear that the New Funding Methodology introduced is likely to result in a reduction in funding for most colleges once the transitional protection expires. 

What is and isn’t eligible for funding has changed and colleges who have maximised the benefit from the key drivers of the existing methodology are now having to learn how to maximise the benefit from the new drivers.  Along with the changes announced by the Skills Funding Agency for post 19 provision colleges are facing the most challenging planning round for many years.

Getting what you are entitled to! - Optimising your ILR Return!

Tenon Education Training and Skills have worked with a number of colleges during the 2011/12 funding year to help them optimise their funding claims.

At this time of year, colleges are looking to get their funding over the 97% SFA threshold or at least limit their clawback and we are still finding that colleges are missing opportunities to claim the full amount of funding that they are entitled to claim and we have been surprised to find that Colleges are still having problems recording prior attainment and employment status correctly, which is leading to a significant under claim of fee remission.

Additional Learning Support - Significant changes ahead!

During the last 12 months we have been working with a number of colleges helping them to deliver their Additional Learning Support more effectively.  It would seem from our work with the Sector that ALS is a major focus for colleges, particularly with the proposed changes to the Funding Methodology.