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Management of your Adults Skills Budget for 2013/14

The Skills Funding Agency are in the process of sending out final allocations for 2013/14 to Private Training Providers. In the letter that accompanies the allocation they make the following statement:

Are you effective in managing your partners?

We have undertaken a number of partnership and sub-contractor reviews over the last few months in order to determine whether the systems and controls in place conform to the minimum requirements as published by the Skills Funding Agency.

Our extensive knowledge of the Guidance has enabled us to work with our clients in an efficient and effect manner to identify and address any areas of concern in relation to monitoring this type of activity.

The expected impact of the revised JACoP (Part II) on the provision of Internal Audit Services to Further Education Colleges

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has confirmed that it is proposing to issue Part II of the Joint Audit Code of Practice (JACoP) for consultation shortly. 

This is a long awaited publication which sets out the proposed audit assurance arrangements for Further Education Colleges from August 2013.    

Proposed changes to the JACoP (Part II) – Internal Audit Services

Part II of the JACoP covers the specific requirements for accountability and audit arrangements and the broad framework in which they should operate. 

Tenon Education Training and Skills secure in excess of £2 million of high quality partnership activity for Colleges

In an era of ‘funding cuts’ you need to do all you can to ensure that you hit the funding allocations set by the EFA and SFA to avoid additional reductions in funded income.

Working with a small number of high-quality private providers, the Tenon Education Training and Skills team have secured in excess of £2 million of high quality partnership activity for colleges ranging from short ‘employability courses’, through to full level 2 and level 3 NVQs and Apprenticeship activity.  

Is your College on track to meet its 2012/13 funding allocations and learner number targets?

Change to final ILR submission date - 25 October 2013

Despite the concern of many providers, the Information Authority has confirmed that the final ILR collection date for 2012/13 will be brought forward to 25 October 2013.

This is a significant change for everyone and colleges and Private Training Providers will need to make preparations to meet this deadline.

ALS - March update

We continue to take many questions from client colleges around ALS high cost allocations and spends for 2012/13 and are working with a number of colleges to confirm high cost student numbers and preparing business plans for additional high cost allocation to the EFA/SFA for 2012/13.

We have seen a recent increase in interest in membership of our ALS Club as colleges look to share good practice and experience in challenging times. A number of colleges have joined the ALS Club in the last few months.

Are you going to hit your SFA funding target?

In 2011/12 the Skills Funding Agency clawed back funding where a College failed to deliver at least 97% of its Adult Skills Budget.  In an era of ‘funding cuts’ you need to do all you can to ensure that you at least hit the targets set by the funding agencies to avoid even bigger reductions in funded income over time. 

In a struggling economy the volume of workplaced learning is lagging behind expectations with the shrinking economy reducing the number of employment opportunities available to adults and young people.

Deadline for submission of ILR's to be brought forward?

The Information Authority are pursuing bringing the date of submission of the final ILR forward despite the difficulties this poses to providers. 

They are now asking for comments on what help providers require to make this achievable. 

This is your opportunity to put your view on this to them. 

Click on the link to go to their homepage to access the survey.  http://www.theia.org.uk/


The Tenon Education Training and Skills Green Flag - An Update

The Tenon Education Training and Skills Green Flag Data Credibility Award was launched in September 2012 and now forms an integral part of the Tenon College Forum assessment process as well as being available as a stand alone product.

The Tenon ETS Green Flag Award consists of over 40 tests against the last complete data set and these are split into major and minor categories in the areas of data credibility and data management. 

Each test has specific tolerances and the tests have been updated to run against the 2011/12 ILRs.

Is your Work Based Learning Activity Efficient and Effective?

Increasingly we are being asked by College Management Teams to look into the efficiency and effectiveness of their work based learning activity, particularly with regard to assessor caseloading.

Historically the focus of our work has been on the utilisation of lecturing staff, but we are seeing a shift to efficiency and effectiveness of employer responsive provision. A combination of factors is giving rise to this including a reduction in funding for workplaced learning learners who work for large organisations and the belief that most of the efficiencies available have been obtained from classroom based delivery.