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Additional Learner Support

We have recently run a number of ALS seminars to more than 45 delegates. Many issues were raised during the seminars including:

Icca Education Training and Skills Limited – the new name for Tenon Education Training and Skills Limited!

We are pleased to announce that Tenon Education Training and Skills has changed its name to Icca Education Training and Skills on Friday 14 June 2013.

We have written to all our clients and contacts to inform them of the change.

As the leading firm of education advisory services to the further education sector we have become increasingly concerned over the confusion which exists between RSM Tenon and ourselves.  The change of name is the best way to remove that confusion moving forward. 

Ringing in the Change - Again!

Being an Adviser at Tenon Education Training and Skills is more than just a job, it becomes a passion.  You may technically have one employer but depending on the work you are undertaking, if you do your job right you’ll feel part of the team of nearly every client you visit.

The majority of the work that the Tenon Education Training and Skills MIS team do involves working with the MIS teams or Senior Management Teams and we get sight of lots of different ways of doing things both good and not so good.

Education Funding Agency (EFA) Funding guidance for young people 2013/14

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has published its Funding guidance for young people 2013/14, the first in a series of booklets providing EFA funding guidance for young people:

  • Funding regulations;
  • Rates and formula;
  • ILR funding returns; and,
  • Sub-contracting controls.

Funding Guidance 2013 to 14

Are you claiming what you are entitled to?

We are working with a number of colleges to investigate whether they are claiming what they are entitled to when it comes to claiming funding from the EFA and SFA.  In many instances, given the changing rules, we have identified a number of learners for whom no claim is being made for fee remission despite there being sufficient evidence on the learner's file.

Learners are entitled to Fee remission for the following reasons:

Does it meet audit and is it fit for purpose?

Now that detailed curriculum plans are being finalised the key questions being asked by many College Managers are:

  • Does it meet the allocation?;
  • Are we missing any tricks adopted by others?; and,
  • What are the audit requirements?

The audit requirements question is prompted by the lack of guidance which has just been released today.  Up until today, colleges have had to plan based on previous guidance and a ‘common sense’ approach.

Do you understand the changes to the Funding Guidance for 2013/14?

The 2013/14 funding guidance has recently been published for all Skills Funding Agency (SFA) funded activity and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) funding guidance is due to be published in the coming week.

We know there are a number of fundamental changes in relation to how colleges will be funded from 1 August 2013 onwards, in relation to both EFA and SFA funded activity.  We are able to provide you with the necessary assistance in understanding these changes and what they mean for you in terms of audit and the expected compliance requirements.

Additional Learner Support - How does it work for 2013/14?

We are currently working with a number of colleges helping them understand the implications of the funding changes for ALS in 2013/14. 

You will now have received your SFA/EFA funding allocations and no doubt are analysing the implications for ALS for your own College (amongst many other things!) - including the implications of the SFA integrating ALS into the Adult Skills Budget for 2013/14.

Innovative curriculum delivery methodologies and accurate resource alignment are the key to an efficient and effective curriculum!

The confirmed number allocations from the EFA and indicative funding allocations from the Skills Funding Agency are both pointing to an era of reduced budgets in which colleges need to be both more innovative in their curriculum delivery models and smarter in planning and monitoring of staff resources than ever before.

"Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills"

The Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (DBIS) have issued “Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills” which sets out how the Government plans to accelerate its reforms to the skills system, to ensure that the UK’s vocational training offer allows its citizens to compete with any in the world.