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Delivering Study Programmes and Responding to the Cuts – The Challenge for Sixth Form Colleges.

Given the qualification based nature of their curriculum the move to study programmes is posing significant challenges for Sixth Form Colleges, particularly those colleges which have diversified into offering some vocational alternatives.  The historically high SLN to learner ratio and higher maximum funding values of 702 hours equivalent enabled these colleges to deliver an effective combination of large programmes in the AS year and small programmes in the A2 year to hit the funding allocation. 

A Challenge too Far?

The Education Funding Agency published Funding for academic year 2014 to 2015 for students aged 16 to 19 and high needs students aged 16 to 25 yesterday, and if you haven’t had a chance to read it I urge you to do this as a priority.

There are several key announcements that will impact on you financially, the most significant of which is the announcement of a reduction in funding for students aged 18 – from 2014/15 they will be funded at a rate that is 17.5% lower than students aged 16 and 17.

Are you maximising your Funding Claim for 2013/14 and positioning your College favourably for 2014/15?

Having recently submitted your R04 return I can imagine that your focus will quickly turn to your allocation for 2014/15 for young students.

The Education Funding Agency published the Funding for academic year 2014 to 2015 for students aged 16 to 19 and high needs students aged 16 to 25 yesterday, and within it they stated:

A Changing Assurance Framework - New freedoms but greater need for robust assurance


The introduction of the new Joint Audit Code of Practice (JACOP) in August 2013 highlighted subtle changes to the way in which College Board of Governors (‘Boards’) should look to obtain assurance over the significant risks faced by the College and ultimately the achievement of a College’s strategic objectives and direction.  The development of a Board Assurance Framework (BAF) is highlighted within the JACOP as one mechanism for doing just this, whilst also supporting the Board in signing off the annual Statement of Internal Control and Governance.

We've moved!

New reception area

We are pleased to announce that, with effect from today's date 30th August 2013, we have moved to fantastic new offices located in Birmingham on the 11th Floor of the McLaren Building.  The views are spectacular!

Icca Education Training and Skills Limited now operates from this new location with its other group companies, Icca (Holdings) Limited, The Finance and Management Business School and Lee Stafford Academies.

We've attached a couple of photos showing our new reception area and our staff celebrating the move in the new offices today.

Would you like to work with us? Read on .........

At Icca Education Training and Skills we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of advisory services to Colleges and Private Training Providers within the Further Education Sector.

Our people are our business.  Our diverse team of advisers and professionals are the core of our success.

"Inspection Support" - Makes a difference!

Over the past twelve months Icca Education Training and Skills have been developing their inspection support offer to assist colleges for whom an Ofsted inspection is imminent and those that want to get ahead of the game.

The service includes an innovative and informative approach to presenting inspection data, providing a real challenge to Curriculum Managers to sharpen SAR reporting and develop coherent, evidence based responses to inspector questioning.  This has proved to be a great hit with many colleges who feel the process helps to ensure that they are ‘OFSTED ready’.

2012/13 Final Funding Claims for Adult Skills Providers who are Grant in Aid Funded

This week, the Skills Funding Agency has written to colleges setting out the principle, but not the detail, of how it will deal with college’s under-performance against Adult Skills Budget allocations.

Icca Education Training and Skills Helpdesk

As we approach the start of the new Academic year, not only do you face the challenge of changing eligibility rules, the funding methodology is also changing.

Selected for a Funding Audit? Need a Health Check?

Over the next few weeks a significant number of Further Education Colleges will be selected to undergo a Funding Audit in advance of submitting the final ILR for 2012/13 this Autumn.

Icca Education Training and Skills Limited have the skills and capacity to help best prepare your College with providing a Funding Audit Health Check to help identify any issues which may need urgent attention prior to your College going through the Funding Audit process.