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Icca Education Training and Skills College Forum

The Icca College Forum is a network of colleges who through their membership of the Forum aim to demonstrate to all stakeholders that there are a significant number of colleges who strive to act with the highest integrity for the benefit of their students, their communities and the sector as a whole.

As members of the Icca College Forum, the colleges are able to share best practice in order to provide for continuous improvement and peer development including preparing joint tenders, sharing of recent inspection findings/external audit findings and strategic developments, particuarly in relation to Shared Services and the other opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the members.  Member colleges are also able to support colleges that cannot be members due to their inability to meet the "entry" criteria to come members over time.

The Icca College Forum members share a common set of values which underpin everything they do.  They place the interests of students at the heart of everything they do, act with honesty and integrity at all times and in the best long term interests of their colleges and the sector in their dealings with Government, funding agencies, inspection authorities and other key stakeholders and also act in an ethical and socially responsible way in order to address the current and future needs of all of the communities the colleges serve.

Colleges must meet and maintain certain criteria and standards to be eligible to become members of the Icca College Forum.  To discuss the Icca College Forum in more detail, please contact Vici Cadwallader-Webb.


Icca College Forum Members

If you think you should have access to the Icca College Forum then please contact us and we'll investigate.