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Internal Audit - Our growth continues!

We have reached the time of year again when the Skills Funding Agency publish the 'Finance Record'. 

Many hours are spent looking through it to analyse the data and compare your performance to the performance of your competition!

This year we have continued our climb up the table of 'internal auditors' and despite only re-entering the internal audit market less than 2 years ago, we are now the second largest provider in the sector!

Are you missing funding target?

If you are we may be able to help you increase the value of your funding claim - and reduce the amount of money you need to give back to the Skills Funding Agency.

We identified more than £2m in 2013/14 that colleges were prepared to pay back but didn't need to!

Paying back money you have earned but not claimed at a time with such significant budgetary constraints is something you need to avoid.

Every £1 you manage to secure beyond what you have budgeted flows straight to the bottom line!

Looking for a new challenge? - Our Internal Audit Team is expanding again!

Having re-entered the internal audit market in 2013 we have already been appointed as the internal audit service provider to 29 colleges.

We believe our committment to offering an alternative added value service to the sector is the core driver behind this success.

We don't want to be the largest provider to the sector, but most certainly want to be the one that is most valued by its clients.

Our Achievements

  • We have identified more than £5 million of under claims in college funding claims.  This represented work colleges had done but weren't getting paid for - and were willing to hand back to the Skills Funding Agency!


  • We have saved in excess of £2.5 million in potential audit clawback.  This was money that many colleges were prepared to pay back - but didn't have to in the end!


  • We have trained 441 delegates at our training seminars.  The percentage that graded us as good or better was a staggering 98.5%!


  • We have made actual savings of more than £5.0 million in college expenditure.  We also identified potential savings of £25 million (when you add in the savings identified through our Internal Audit work this climbs to more than £50 million!)


  • We are now the second largest provider of Internal Audit Services to the Further Education Sector


  • We have sourced more than £4.75 million of funded activity for our partner colleges over the last 18 months!


  • We have answered over 100 queries asked through our FREE helpline - all within our 48 hour response time - Why don't you try it: ets@icca-ets.com